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Thursday, 22 September 2016

Things I Love Thursday

Happy Autumn Equinox!  : )

We've had some good cold nights and the colours are going crazy!  Gosh, it is so beautiful.  Today while walking through an alleyway, I discovered hollyhocks in bloom, a big pink rose (!?!) and loads of honesuckle turned but still blooming.  How crazy!

This old highschool has a range of colourful trees out front, from green to lime to yellow to orange.  I love this showstopper.

There seems to be lots of food for the birds and such to fill up on.  What a pretty weekend it's been.

Oh!  Before I forget,

 H A P P Y    F I R S T    D A Y   
O F   A U T U M N  !

Saturday, 17 September 2016

Art Now! Winnipeg Next.

Just a reminder - It's on!  All weekend at Prairieland Park you can find ten gallery displays from around the province representing a total of 120 artist!  That's a LOT of art & fine craft in one space.  There are speakers too.  All the art is available for sale.  I hope to pop in on Sunday before it's over.  How awesome!

And I'm quite excited about heading back to Manitoba.  Just 10 more days!  Here's the photo I took early in the morning from my hotel window in 2013.  SO PRETTY!!

Have a beautiful fall weekend (or spring on the other side of the planet : )

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Plans for Manitoba

A couple of posts ago, I mentioned I would be at the Manitoba Fibre Festival.  I'm teaching a 5 hr embroidery class (with yarn) on Sept 30th there during the day.  The class was filled. Then I'll be a vendor selling my wares on the evening of September 30th and all day October 1.  This will all take place at the Red River Exhibition Place.

So, here's what else!
When that's done, I'll follow Heidi Hunter home and run my 2 day Sketch to Stitch course at her studio.  Really!  It's the class I taught in Olds and I so look forward to doing this again with autumn on the way in here.  Heidi Hunter has a website www.RunsWithScissors.com where you can learn more about her fabulous self and sign up for classes.  She has a great big space north of Winnipeg where teachers and artists come to her.  Isn't that great!?  It's a Sunday/Monday which is odd, but that's how we are going to fit it in.  The class has space for 16.  We have room for more!

Oct 2-3 Sketch to Stitch
North of Winnipeg MB

If you are interested and you think this fits, you can contact Heidi to register and get more info.  Thanks Heidi!

: )

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