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Saturday, 12 November 2016

Holiday Sales Events

I have had such a busy year making, travelling, and doing sales and exhibitions, that by the time the holidays roll around, I find I am busy catching up with commissions, not to mention putting oon the holidays for our family of five. As such, I don't attend the big-venue seasonal markets.  (sorry!) However, if you want to know where to buy my work, here's how...

1. It just so happened that I got a call from the Village of Milden asking if I'd join them in their local community sale before Christmas.  I said without hesitation, 'I would LOVE TO!'.  : )  Milden is less than an hour out of Saskatoon, and is situated half way between Rosetown and Outlook SK.  If you are looking for a relaxing environment to do some Christmas shopping, that is definitely an option.  It's not a juried show, and I have no idea what artisans will be there.  I'm looking forward to this, and i'm sure I'll enjoy the drive.

Wednesday, November 16th
2:30pm to 7:00pm
Milden Community Hall
Soup, Sandwiches & Dessert available.

I'll likely bring one or two of my kids to sell their wares as well.  : )  Thank you Milden!

2.  * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
3rd Annual OPEN STUDIO & Holiday Sale!
Friday, November 18th, from 4pm to 9pm
Come eat, drink, be merry, enjoy art, visit with me
at my home studio  351 Crean Crescent, Saskatoon SK
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
                    *this is not wheelchair accessible but other arrangements can be made*

3.  ...and then there's this!
New 2017 Wall Calendars featuring 12 images of my threadpaintings.  I'll have a limited number available at my Open House event, but if you want to receive one in the mail, I am taking orders until November 19th.  All calendars will be signed and shipped out by December 1st to arrive before the holidays.

Email me if you would like one. "Monika @ MySweetPrairie . ca"  They are $28.ooCAD (plus $2.ooCAD shipping in Canada, $5.ooCAD shipping to the US and Overseas/UK).  Paypal converts currencies automatically, it's so easy.

4.  The Saskatchewan Craft Council Boutique which is located at 813 Broadway Avenue, Saskatoon, open six days a week.
- framed prairie threadpaintings
- mini art quilts / Wish You Were Here prairie postcards

5.  Handmade House  I have my own shelf and wall space as a working member, and things move well there so it's changing up all the time.  The gift shop is open Monday to Saturday, 10-5:30 and is located at 710 Broadway Ave, Saskatoon.  It's directly across from the Broadway Theatre.
- art print blank greeting cards with envelopes
- framed yarn embroideries
- mini prairie threadpaintings

Have a great day!

Friday, 11 November 2016

Open Door.

I had the pleasure of running a fibre art project with the Saskatoon Open Door Society.  They contacted me about working with the Creative Women's Group there to embellish posters for an upcoming event.  I can't tell you how much I enjoyed being with all those women, new to Canada. Some didn't speak English, but the beauty of smiles, gestures, and visual projects is sometimes all it takes to have an inclusive time together.
We braided threads, yarns and metallic fibres to adorn the posters, adding buttons and tassels and international postage stamps (not my idea but what a great one!!).

sample photo we were provided with for the project
I didn't get to visit a lot as it was a busy project with 20 women in a crowded room.  I did eventually sit down and ask questions.  Having been raised by immigrants, I always love to hear their stories - good and bad.  Their bravery and strength just blows my mind.  When people tell their individual histories to listening ears, connections and trust develop.  It also blasts your assumptions of people right out the window.  We find out there are common bonds, and really, we are all more connected than most realize.

I *DID* talk about winter. I sat at one table and asked them how long they'd been in Canada.  They told me it was a matter of weeks.  "Have you ever seen snow?" I asked.  "No, never."  So I pulled out my phone and brought up some winter prairie landscape photos on pinterest to show them.  I showed them sparkle and that golden light, the hoar frost and the beautiful blue shadows that fall on the snow.  I talked about how the sun is so low and the light pours through the house.  I told them how in December and January, you can see sun up, mid day, and sun down at one window.

Anyway... I hope as shocking as it might be for them, that they see the beauty and magic of a completely different world, and that helps them to get through it.  There's a lot of 'winter haters' that might have got to them first, right!?  ; )  I'm not part of the 'misery olympics' as they call it.  As a landscape artist, winter is AMAZING.

Their 2nd Annual International Bazaar - as the poster describes, this free to the public event will have 20 different international vendors.  It's a great way to support these new families, take in some rich culture, purchase some wonderful food and crafts from our new residents.  I can't wait to see (and taste)!  : )

Saturday November 19th at Station 20 West, Saskatoon form 11am to 4 pm.  See ya there!

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Community Workshops - StoryScapes

Well THAT was an amazing experience.  I delivered 2 fibre art workshops through the Children's Discovery Museum and what a wonderful opportunity that was.  The whole purpose was to explore ways in which we tell stories.  As the Fibre Art person, it was so perfect to chose quilts as the method. After all, everyone knows that a quilt (traditionally) is full of stories and symbolism, right?  Wow.  I couldn't have been more wrong.

The week started off with a call from CBC Radio, asking for a live interview on the Saskatoon Morning show.  I brought a bear's paw quilt in with me and shared the story of what that particular quilt means.  The woman interviewing me had no idea that quilts have blocks with traditional symbolism.  She was impressed and said, 'wow, I'm going to start asking what the story is next time I see a quilt.  I had no idea.'

The first workshop was held at the Children's Museum.  The workshops were intended for all ages with full family involvement.  Again, as I introduced quilts as having hidden meanings, people were surprised.  I guess being a quilter, I feel like I always knew this.  In fact, it was my emotional reaction to learning about some of the quilt blocks that drew me to making quilts.  Bear's Paw.  Apple core.  I had to have a quilt like that!  Flying geese.  Chinese Coins.  I love them!

detail of a sampler quilt I borrowed from Judith Gidluck / Saskatoon Quilters Guild

The 'Ah ha!' moments happened over and over.  One mother in the first group was in awe, "oh my!  My Grandmother gave me stacks of quilts.  I had no idea there were meanings in them!  Really!?  I am definitely going to ask her about this!  I have to find out the meanings."  It was a beautiful moment.  All of a sudden, all of those quilts became a treasure, something of value and intrigue.  (It also tells me that quilts are more undervalued than I thought.)

In the end, I really enjoyed sharing stories of quilt blocks with participants.  I also deeply enjoyed hearing the stories that the people told with their fabrics by collaging their own quilt blocks.  There were stories that told about the personal challenges of becoming a parent, the struggles of constantly moving house, and the experience of immigrating to Canada from overseas.

I was so happy to hold a baby... and he fell asleep in my arms (swoon!!)

The second workshop was at The Mother's Centre / Station 20 West.  It started with a hot meal which was so fantastic.  This was a large group that filled 2 board room tables.  There were girls and boys of all ages, mothers, and grandparents in attendance too.  I'm sure most of the adults expected to sit back and let the children craft, but I encouraged them all to go ahead and make a story with fabric.  It was really fascinating, and it's incredible how personal everyone's art became.

each individual created something so unique

The children told their stories from the loss of a pet (symbolized by stars in the sky) to the thrill of a snow blizzard!  There were futuristic stories of flower houses and prehistoric dinosaurs with bad breath.  lol  It was fantastic!  Some just wanted to lace the paper over and over.  Some created 3D pieces.  : )  One boy noticed the motif in the blue sampler quilt immediately said, 'It's an eagle!' and so he was bound and determined to make himself an eagle.  Another child who was very young was more interested in chopping yarn.  I thought that was terrific.  I told her all the pieces could be hair for a dolly, and then she had to make a dolly.  ; )  I cut out the body and suggested she make clothes for her dolly out of the fabric.  She was so proud of it - didn't she do great!?  Maybe she'll tell her dolly some stories.

The parents and grandparents shared their love for the earth.  That was a strong theme throughout, from sunsets at the lake to their garden in summer, to the pain they feel for the pipeline through the reserve land in North Dakota.  That mother was very open to sharing all the symbolism in her piece.  There's so much to every little thing she did with it.  I think many of the adults on both days were grateful at how therapeutic it was to process their feelings or joy and pain.

It was such a simple idea, but it was such meaningful activity.  Everyone was so creative, and because it was symbolic and full of hidden meanings, they were able to deal with whatever they wanted to without having to share if they didn't want to.

And so ends another community project.  I love to see people explore with fabric and stitch.  It's always so creative and therapeutic for them, and so enriching for me to witness as a facilitator. Thanks everyone who participated and thank you to The Mother's Centre & the Children's Discovery Museum for making it happen.  AND it was all free for them thanks to Sask Lotteries and the City of Saskatoon funding.


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