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Sunday, 9 July 2017


I have a new exhibition up!  It's called HOMELAND and features 21 prairie threadpaintings through all seasons.  It's on display at the Station Arts Centre Cooperative in Rosthern SK (40 minutes north of Saskatoon).  The Station Arts is housed in an old train station and features a gallery, a live theatre, and a tearoom / restaurant.  It's incredibly beautiful and I feel so honoured to have a show there.

unloading my art to the freshly painted gallery

The show is up all summer until August 26th and is currently alongside the 2nd annual 'Postcards to the Station' exhibit and auction fundraiser.  It's totally worth the drive.  The centre is open Tuesdays through Saturdays.

Eight available pieces shown above are 6x6" framed with matting and glass to 12x12"

I have some older works that were loaned back for the show, and a good big batch of new ones if you are looking for some art.  These are all done in the style I did for Winnipeg in 2013 with the edges finished and the piece mounted with one floating mat.  The exception is the big feature piece...

This one was framed and photographed by Kim Ennis at Vanishing Point Picture Framing (behind Hues Art Supplies on Lorne & Taylor).  Thank you so much Kim!  This is two feet wide.  It's BIG for fine threadwork.  I'm not sure I blogged about it but I've been all over IG with it.  It's 4 deer in the spring grasses out at Cranberry flats, stitched onto plain cloth - all thread.  It was a big project that I had hoped to have done for Dimensions but I just didn't quite make the deadline.  It is in HOMELAND / Rosthern for the summer and then will head to Regina SK for Art Now in September.

such a pretty tea room

Opening night at the Station Arts was this past Saturday, with a 10pm reception for those who attended the evening performance in the theatre.  We didn't get back to the city until well past midnight.  I figured that was a little late for most people, so I'm calling an additional reception for Saturday Morning, July 15th from 10 am to noon.  I'll be there at 10 sharp for a meet & greet.  It's otherwise an informal opening, without the 'wine & cheese'.  The restaurant / tearoom requests that if you are going to treat yourself to brunch or stay for lunch, to please reserve a table as seating is limited. Their # is (306) 232-5332.  They have waffles.  : )  Oh, and don't worry, there are many more tables than what you see in the photo above.  : )

Maybe I'll see you then?  701 Railway Avenue, Rosthern SK
In the mean time, you can check out their venue and theatre here.

Have a great week,


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